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Love + Organic Farms

Our Farm

Growing Organic Cannabis for 10 Years

Love + Organic Farms is a small, family owned-and-operated organic craft cannabis producer dedicated to growing the freshest, tastiest, and most organic marijuana possible. We harvest our cannabis in small batches to ensure high quality, and so each plant gets the love and attention it deserves.


We don’t use any chemicals, pesticides, or plant growth regulators. Our fertilizers are certified 100% organic, we grow in living soil, and every plant is hand-watered and hand-trimmed with love. We pride ourselves on producing top quality goods for our customers and having a great variety of interesting products.

Our Master Grower has been growing cannabis for over 25 years, and transitioned to 100% exclusively organic methods over 10 years ago.


We'll be updating this page with more details about who we are and how we grow, and we'll also add an FAQ

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